"... The concept of jewelry art, and art in general, reduced to the formation of new forms and color combinations. Our company strives to get away from these stereotypes and show that art is an extremely developed skill. Mastery, which combines professional skills, creative artistic component and the desire for spiritual knowledge of the world ... "

Yaroslav Argentov

ArgentoV Jewelry House has been offering its customers products of different directions for more than 20 years: from classical solutions to modern constructive. The main task is to show the beauty of the precious stone with the greatest expressiveness.

The concept of our products is a rethinking of historical experience in conjunction with the technological innovation of exclusively manual production.

Our company for many years supports the restoration of the lost art of reverse art intaglio. As a result, an extensive collection of more than one hundred intaglios of high artistic level of modern Russian intagliers was collected. The main part of the collection is the work of the master Vladimir Popovich.